Sitaram Ke Special Chhole Bhature

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Sitaram has come a long way and probably serves the BEST Chhole Bhature in the town of New Delhi. The bhature in Sitaram are generously lined with paneer shreds and go perfectly with the delectably spicy chole. rnrnYou have to sweat it out in the long queue; however, it is all worth it once you get those sinfully “khatte chhole” served in a steel tray. The bhature are always fresh and sizzling hot. And what sets them apart from the regular bhature is the paneer (cottage cheese) and dhaniya (coriander) filling. The chhole are rightly spiced and beautifully flavored. Just the mere aroma of the dish can leave any mortal salivating for more. Each bite leaves such a lovely flavor in the mouth that it is bound to bring you back for more. The chhole are garnished with green chutney, onions and pickled carrot. The soft bhature with the spiced chhole can be a great kick start to anybody’s morning. The place closes around 5 in the evening so it is advisable to get there in time for your plateful of sin. The dish is in fact very cheap and is truly a refreshing break in this time of rising prices.


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