Mucchad Paan, Mumbai’s Famous Millionaire Paanwala

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Popularly known as “muchhad walla”, Jaishankar Tiwari, is the man behind the amazing and mouth watering paan (betel leaf) in Mumbai. Most people zip by in their fancy cars, make a quick stop at Muchhad”s to grab a few paans and zip off again. This millionaire paanwala is legendary for his intimidating moustache and ornate paans, all maintain big and long moustaches that almost touches their ears. This tradition initiated by Shyam Charan the founder of this shop, and this traditional is religiously followed by his sons and grandsons even today.rn rnThe wide range is simply mind boggling. The betel-nut loaded Banarasi Paan is not for first timers, who opt instead for the Meetha Paan (Sweet Paan). Also called the ”Ladies Special” for its lack of tobacco, the Meetha Paan is supposed to be a mouth-freshener but tastes more like dessert! An Indian dinner is kind of incomplete without Muchhad”s betel leaf master creations. Muchhad takes party orders and delivers as well. All these varieties of preparations are made in all three types of Paans i.e. Kalkatta , Banarasi and Maggai.rn rnServing the customers in the best way possible” is definitely the driving motto behind their successful business. The Tiwari brothers often draw immense satisfaction in serving their customers with the best, at all times. For many of the regular customers to the shop, believe that it is the “family-like service” that attracts them most to the place, apart from the very obvious, paan.


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