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Chaats are Indian snacks and appetizers, found widely throughout India at street stands, casual restaurants, and parties. Outside of India, chaat can be a bit more difficult to find, although in areas with a large Indian community, restaurants which specialize in chaat are not uncommon. Both in India and abroad, many people are quite fond of chaat, which is almost like Indian fast food. Chaat is generally flavorful, easy to eat with the hands, and incredibly varied, with options for everyone from vegans to devout Hindus. Chaat is a Hindi word which means “to taste,” and most chaats are small dishes. People can combine multiple dishes to create a chaat meal, or simply eat one as a snack. Chaats take advantage of the rich library of spices in the Indian kitchen, ranging from delicately spiced puffed crisp breads known as puris to extremely spicy parathas, stuffed breads which may be filled with anything from potatoes to ground lamb. They also feature various pulses, meats, and vegetables from both India and abroad.


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