Idris ki Biryani, outstanding Lucknowi dum biryani

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Don”t miss to try out super yum Awadhi Lucknowi Dum Biryani at Iddris ki Biryani. This tiny eatery also comes with history of its own; started by Mohammad Iddris in 1968. Generations down, the recipes have been handed over but the aroma & flavors, as they say, have remained intact. Biryani in Lucknow is different from what we get in Delhi or Hyderabad. Lucknowi biryani comes with aroma filled white rice, each grain separated & full length, and a few chunks of mutton with some masala. Its served with a curry which you can choose to have or have not. As the name suggests, this eatery serves the best Lucknowi biryani and continues to be one of the most delightful outlet of Biryani in Lucknow.


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