Hari ke Samose, the aloo-less samosa

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You take the aloo out of the samosa, you take the heart out of the body. But you put the heart back in with a special mix of spices, and you have ”samosa for the soul”. That”s what Mitthulal, a financier-broker gone bust, did about a century ago in Allahabad. And thus was born a mouth-watering the masala samosa. Mitthulal named the shop after his son Hari, and Hari Ki Namkeen in Loknath Gali soon became a local legend. Professors and students, high court judges and local resident all had a special place in their hearts and mouths for this triangular treat packed in distinctive woven-leaf containers.. This aloo-less samosa of Hari Ki Namkeen is one of Allahabad”s many splendors.
A samosa popular not just for its phenomenal taste but also for the long shelf life of over a month that it carries. Prepared using pure ghee and freshly ground hand picked spices, this one is a snack par excellence.

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