Chaubejee ke Masale

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Chaubejee Spices aims at maintaining the quality standards it has set for itself. It is consistently updating its infrastructure and technical facilities to overpower tough competition in the market. The company follows strict quality control measures at all stages viz procurement, production/ processing, packing, shipment etc. to cater its customers with the best quality agro products and service.
At present, several spices like Chat Masala, Garm Masala, Chana Masala, Kasoori Maithi, Haldi Powder, Dhania Powder, mrich Powder, Aamchoor, Jeera, Ajvain, Rai, Sonph, etc. are being processed and packed by ‘Chaube Ji Ke Masala’ Company. All the products are approved by Agmark, Government of India.


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